A select few of the projects that I have completed in the last couple of years is located below. These are selected because of the lack of potential for proprietary rights and because they were very fun.


Assembling a Carbon Fiber Race Bike–Using Parts from China

A how to write up of the motivations and journey behind purchasing generic parts and building assembling a road bike. Using  a Chinese carbon frame and mostly non-name brand parts. I shot for the extremely low budget of $1000; but ended up at $1400 which still built one hell of a bike for the price and taught me a lot of important lessons about bike building.


Adding Cu3er to WordPress

A step by step guide on how to add a cu3er slideshow to a wordpress site. The project was done as part of the redesign of my personal webpage (this site) in late 2009 and early 2010.


Maze Robot Sensor Integration

A very pure engineering project that was completed as part of a higher level course on robotics. The project presented was part of a much larger project completed by students working in teams of two with the goal programming a robot to navigate a real world maze.

Vampower: A Power Saving Power Strip

The Vampower, a power saving power strip, is an award winning design project that was part of a joint class in product design and development (PDD) co taught by the FW Olin College of Engineering, the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and Babson College. The team that worked on this project included two designers from RISD: Will Harris and Danny Kim, two engineers from Olin College: Bennett Chabot and myself, and a Babson College business student: Anand Virmani.

Carputer V2

A second attempt at the car computer. It was more successful the second time around. As much as it makes me to cringe to admit it….its Windows XP based.


Carputer V1

A first, primitive attempt at a car computer using a hacked together system comprising of a Nokia internet tablet, GPS receiver, hard drive and USB hub.

Surgical Training Game

A user centered design class led to completion of this project. It is not an engineering project. Nothing functional was built or attempted. This project was more of a thought exercise and its inclusion is to illustrate some design principles.

Strafe: Hexapod Robot

As part of a research project into bio mimetics, this robotic was rebuilt with the hopes of being able to replicate the omni directional movement of a  spider. The original platform was built by Thomas Michon, Bonnie Charles and Leif Jentoft at the FW Olin College of Engineering.


Fuel Injected Small Engine

Class project for the sophomore level class at the FW Olin College of Engineering. The class was based around Microchip PIC micro-controllers, this project was the final deliverable. Completed in the Fall of 2006.

Fingerprint Activated Door Lock

A project done while a freshman at the FW Olin College of Engineering; just for fun. A group of us made our own biometric door lock using a USB fingerprint reader, a PC, some aluminum and a little creativity. Completed Spring of 2006.